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My favorite lyricist: Bob Dylan

To be honest, it took me a long time to discover Bob Dylan. I started listening to music well after Bob Dylan's songs were relegated to classic rock radio...and then you only occasionally heard "Everbody Must Get Stoned" or "Like a Rolling Stone". My first true Dylan experience was when a good friend of mine played some cuts from Dylan's Biograph boxed set. In particular, I remember being floored over "Visions of Johanna" and "Subterranean Homesick Blues". I bought Biograph on the way home. On first listen, I was hooked. His phrasing was astounding to me...and he seemed to have the most beautiful, powerful, and striking lyrics I've ever heard...he seemed to have more things to say than popular music song structures could hold.

If you're a Dylan fan, I hope this bit of my site will inspire you to pull out one of his records and take it for a spin...if you're new to Dylan, I hope this site can introduce you to one of the greatest songwriters of our time.

If you like Dylan, make sure you check out some of my songs. I tapped into my Bob Dylan influence for a couple of them. I hope you enjoy them!

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