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“The inventor of funk and roll. Combining indie-folk, rock, and the throbbing textures of Prince and P-Funk, Hartzog creates a blend that is unlike any other.”

Keith Mikkelson
Southeast Performer
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"Hartzog’s music practically knocked me out of my chair. It’s hungry, relentless musical energy. This artist has taken a wide range of influences from funk to classic rock to folk and brought them together for one big jam. Imagine the Violent Femmes playing Prince music. Imagine the Sex Pistols playing Dylan. Imagine Parliament-Funkadelic stopping by to lend their horn section to the whole thing. "

Jennifer Layton
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Brian Hartzog has a unique voice perfectly suited to the darkly humorous words prevalent on this disc. The Charlotte, NC songsmith chooses funk as the chariot for his words from the horn fueled stomp in "Motha Funky" to the more folksy feel of "Amy's Run Away" and the Bill Withers inspired "Don't Say No."

Mark Waterbury
Music Morsels, Feb. 2005


Interview with Brian about One-Way Ticket at Palisade Hills, a funky ezine.

Full Palisade Hills Interview


To (Hartzog's) credit the "funk" is laden tightly over early Bowie-induced rock & roll...The record differs from his debut, where he played all the instruments, in that he brings in musicians to add a full-band live sound. It's mostly 70s leaning rock, funky enough in its shuffles while showcasing Hartzog's maturing lyrical bent, often inspired, occasionally silly. Recorded in his bedroom studio with a little help from engineer Mark Williams (Southern Culture on the Skids, James McMurty).

Samir Shukla
Creative Loafing--Music Menu
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Where most do it yourselfers slip into a self-enchanting drone that fails to hypnotize anyone but themselves- Hartzog delivers wild up-tempo arrangements on song after song. He pulls off a tour de force in the audio engineering. The album sounds bright, clean and snappy. Again- all things that you do not expect from a one man show. If you’re dead tired of the rock on the radio, and bored by the rounded soft corners on modern funk, Brian Hartzog may be the shot in the arm you’ve been looking for. Reviews
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